Anonymous: This is kinda weird but in May I'm gonna go see the band in Philly but I have literally no one to go with. asdkjadha! How does one go about finding people to go to a concert with, haha? D: [Or does it not really matter? I guess the whole point is just to enjoy yourself]

Hmm I guess either ask a few friends if they’d come with you to keep you company even if they don’t listen to em, or post on social media asking if anyone wants to come!! If you can’t find anyone, I’d still go, it would be an awesome experience. 

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Just talk to someone, maybe the advice you’re looking for isn’t going to be told to you. But just hearing yourself verbalizing what you’re feeling is a really important thing and its really self empowering, and just know that you’re not alone out there, there’s a whole wide world of gender variance and sexual preferences and everything like that, and it’ll all work out.
― Laura Jane Grace (via luisalen)